Conduct your business securely in “the cloud”

As a cloud services provider, Golden Technology Services Inc. offers a continuum of industry leading one stop comprehensive offerings delivered as a subscription (monthly or yearly) with no required upfront investment of time, resources and money.

This allows companies to conduct their business securely in “the cloud” depending upon their unique industry requirements and reporting.

Thus, relieving an organization of purchasing complex computer equipment, allocating data center space, setting up and provisioning that equipment while merely turning over these onerous and costly tasks to subject matter experts.

Trusted Partners :IBM, Actifio & TechData

Infrastructure as a Service


All of the services you need, without any of the hardware.

Enables a customer to purchase computing infrastructure e.g. computers and associated services that their data resides on allowing them to conduct business e.g. business to business as well as business to consumer without the requirement of building out a data center, purchasing equipment, provisioning it and staffing to manage this on an ongoing basis. 

Backup as a Service 


Build, deploy & manage your internal backups

Enables customer to employ a managed service of building, deploying and managing of running internal backups for their data in a secure cost effective service off site residing in “the cloud.”


Disaster Recovery as a Service


Reliability for your physical assets and data

Enable customers to deploy business continuity and resiliency services ( aka disaster recovery) for support of the physical assets as well as operating systems as well as your data via “the cloud.”

Security as a Service


Manage all your security service subscriptions in one suite

Enables customers to deploy a suite of IT security services e.g. anti-virus, authentication, intrusion detection, anti-malware, security event management by integrating these into a subscription based delivery model and delivered via “the cloud.”