Building security into your business and IT processes and integrating it with your existing technology infrastructure has never been more critical.

GTS IT security services that can protect enterprises against threats while helping to reduce costs and complexity. Through our CyberXtra Defense and ecosystem of partners we can provide the Analysis, Recommendation, Protection, On-going Monitoring and Health Check options through a single annual payment.

The CyberXtra security services include proprietary network security and monitoring, end user device protection, network infection monitoring, infection and breach recovery services and employee cyber security training.

Cyber-Security Partners: IBM, Intepro IQ, Sophos.

IBM Security Services delivers the skills, expertise and technology to help reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure.

Today’s businesses must manage more risks with fewer resources. You have to: Cut your operational expenses, Manage increasing risks, Maintain your compliance posture, Improve service, and Enable innovation. IBM Security Services can help you strategically manage risk end-to-end across practically all security domains and help you reduce your security operations costs.

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to understanding and meeting your ever-changing business requirements. Powered by IBM X-FORCE® research and development, IBM provides solutions to help take you from planning and design through implementation, testing, monitoring and management of multi-vendor environments.

IBM controls one of the largest and more diverse security information data warehouses in the world, allowing for greater visibility into worldwide threats and affected industries. Combination of near-real-time and historical analyses to help identify and mitigate threats and enhance security effectiveness using Industry best practices, time-tested strategies and advanced forensic tools.


IBM Security Highlights

  • Industry leading security research and development. The IBM X-FORCE research and development team is a leading group of security specialists who research security issues, track the evolution of threats and help deliver increased operational efficiencies by building integrated technologies that feature “baked-in” simplification. IBM X-FORCE uses its broad and holistic intelligence infrastructure to provide one of the most accurate views of the current and emerging threat landscape. The IBM security research and development teams study the latest threat trends including vulnerabilities, exploits and active attacks, viruses and other malware, spam, phishing, and malicious web content.
  • World-Class PCI Expertise IBM Security Services is globally certified to perform all payment card industry (PCI) services and can help wherever you are in the compliance lifecycle. Unlike many of its competitors, IBM can provide solutions for all 12 PCI requirements, offering efficiencies in interoperability, procurement, maintenance and management. IBM has been helping clients meet PCI requirements since 2004. IBM has experience with clients of various sizes, in a wide range of industries and from all over the world. IBM has a wide range of security product expertise, including: IBM Security Services, IBM Tivoli® Security and IBM Rational® AppScan®.
  • Innovation and Thought Leadership IBM engages in ongoing development of new security technologies and methods as a result of collaboration between IBM Research labs and IBM X-FORCE. Areas of development include: Biometrics, Cloud and virtualization security, Collaborative data sharing, Digital media technology, Encryption technology, Intrusion detection analysis, Privacy technology, and Wireless security.

Core Network Insight: Identify malicious network traffic in real time, rapidly pinpointing compromised devices that are a high risk to your organization.

Core Network Insight protects more than 300 million endpoints globally at mid-size and large enterprises in every major market, and for some of the largest ISP and telecommunications providers in the world.

As the experts in advanced threat protection, Core Network Insight discovers and analyzes evidence of malicious network traffic in real time, profiling the threat actors and rapidly identifying the compromised devices that represent the biggest risk to your organization.

Core Network Insight patent-pending solutions automatically detect and terminate malicious activity (targeted attacks, APTs, advanced malware), stopping data theft and providing the forensics needed to expedite incident response and remediation. Core Network Insight protects any type of server or endpoint device including PCs, Macs, Unix, iOS, Android and embedded systems across corporate, ISP and telco networks.

About Core Network Insight

No amount of malware prevention is 100% effective against advanced attacks. Core Network Insight discovers active threats that bypass all security prevention layers. With GTS, the Core Network Insight solution detects and terminate criminal activity on any device, stopping data theft, minimizing business disruption, and reducing the time to response and remediation.

Core Network Insight Failsafe pinpoints active threats in your network that bypass all prevention layers, thereby reducing the damage from compromised devices. Core Network Insight Failsafe provides: Protection against unknown, hidden and emerging threats, Network-based protection for any endpoint device or operating system, Actionable intelligence for rapid and prioritized incident response

 CSP is protecting some of the largest cable and wireless ISP networks in the world. Core Network Insight CSP is communications-based security for ISP and telco operators, automatically detecting malware infections on subscriber devices. With Core Network Insight CSP, ISP and telecommunications operators can: Provide a more secure service offering, provide a differentiated service offering and deploy quickly with an outstanding ROI.

IntePro IQ: Maintaining a Secure Information Environment.

Your first step in creating a cyber aware culture is becoming informed; Data security is everyone’s job. Everyone who handles or processes customer information must be accountable for doing their part to provide a secure environment. All of your employees need to be made aware of both digital and physical security risks and proper procedures. Failure to secure customer information is so serious that losing your company is a real risk.

Use our partner, InteproIQ library of resource materials and tools to help you conduct risk assessments, evaluate policies, focus your training and learn about data asset protection solutions. We even provide step-by-step guidelines to deal with a data breach. Once you have a grasp of the basics, we keep you up-to-date on the changing regulatory landscape.

Save time by using our comprehensive training and compliance system. InteProIQ™ is easy and convenient for you to administer. The online training course is self-paced, interactive and verifies employee comprehension. Protect your company by using professionally developed training. The system also is designed to be a place to store your written information security policies, a key component of your Written Information Security Program, which you must have by law. The system tracks each employee’s acknowledgement of the policies you establish. Your subscription may also include sample policies and risk assessment guides to help you develop your program.

Protection with InterPro IQ

Training for the human factor

WorkWise™ is an online training focusing on recognizing the importance of cyber security awareness,
changing behavior toward best practices, and understanding the impact of actions at an individual level.

The biggest liability regarding cyber security… human error. The clear lesson here is that people matter as much as, if not more than, technology. Endorsed by leading industry experts, WorkWise™ continues beyond awareness by including practical and smart best practices. The 7 topics of awareness training can be completed in 1.5 hours with each topic averaging 12-15 minutes.
Phishing Simulator for Cyber Security Awareness

OnePhish™ is an online phishing simulator that enables any organization to easily conduct authorized attacks to evaluate
and re-evaluate employee susceptibility to social engineering tactics. Phishing without any of the danger.

Phishing Your Users Should be easy.

We all know the dangers that phishing attacks pose to organizations and employees. Don’t let cyber criminals freely troll unsuspecting and untrained employees. OnePhish™ is designed with intuitive menus and enables non-experts to coordinate a simulated attack from set up to activity report review.

Breathe easier today, contact us to learn more.

Maintaining a secure information environment is more than a motivational speech. Express your commitment to information privacy and commitment by signing up all your employees and contractors for training today. Successful completion of the online training program is approved by many different licensing programs for Continuing Education Hours. To get started today with your cyber aware culture, contact us today by email at


Sophos Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X

Sophos : Maintaining a Secure Information Environment.

Whether your employees are targeted by spear-phishing and watering hole attacks, or fall victim to attacks of opportunity such as poisoned search results, drive-by-downloads, social networking worms and scareware/fake anti-virus, Invincea has the solution.

The moment malicious activity is detected, Sophos stops that activity dead in its tracks. The exploit is captured within our secure virtual container and is prevented from doing harm to the targeted machine and network.

About Sophos:

Sophos creates a secure virtual container, local to the desktop to wall off and seamlessly run the most highly targeted applications – web browsers, PDF reader, Office suite. A proprietary, behavioral based malware detection engine monitors the secure virtual container to spot any malicious behavior the moment it occurs. No signatures are required and their techniques have been proven to spot even zero-days in the wild.

Rich forensic intelligence is captured – in real-time – on all thwarted attacks within the secure virtual container. This information is fed to the Sophos Management Server and then on to a wide variety of other network security controls as desired. We shed light on campaigns launched against your organization as they occur and extend the effectiveness and life of the rest of the defense-in-depth infrastructure.