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50% of all targeted attacks were aimed at businesses with fewer than 2,500 employees. – IBM Survey – 2013

Technology can be a small business best friend. It can help you work more efficiently, use the same services as large businesses, better protect your data and save money. Here are some tools and services where technology can help your small business become more profitable and productive. Business is regularly conducted over the internet today, and small businesses have become enticing targets for hackers. It is important that as a small business you appropriately secure your information, systems, and networks.

Why you should be concerned with information security.

Your customers have an expectation that their sensitive information will be respected and given adequate and appropriate protection. The employees of a small business also have an expectation that their sensitive personal information will be appropriately protected. Everyone wants assurance that their information, systems, and networks are not put “at risk” when they connect to and do business with your small business. They expect an appropriate level of security.

It is not possible for a small business to implement a perfect information security program, but it is possible (and reasonable) to implement sufficient security for information, systems, and networks that malicious individuals will go elsewhere to find an easier target.

The GTS CyberXtra Security Bundle provides the flexibility for creating a secure monitored/managed environment optimized for performance, cost and scalable to expand as your company grows. It provides access to enterprise-class services that smaller organizations could not have previously considered.

Business is regularly conducted over the internet today, and small businesses have become enticing targets for hackers. Therefore, it is important that as a small business you appropriately secure your information, systems, and networks. Golden Technology Services has selected products and services designed to help small businesses innovate, protect and grow to become more productive and profitable. We will help you to better compete by implementing a secure Cloud, Data Management, IT Security and Disaster Planning and Recovery Services.

IT Cyber-Security: with IBM, Sophos, InterproIQ & TechData

Smarter small and midsize businesses (SMB) are responding to increasing security challenges by assessing their risks and identifying solutions. SMBs face the challenge of increased threats including spam, phishing, viruses and Web attacks that can easily disrupt a business and its network of capabilities.

With help from security experts and solution providers like GTS, SMBs are finding affordable end-to-end, tested solutions that are tailored to priorities for small and medium businesses. This strategy is allowing them to use their resources more strategically to keep the infrastructure that supports their Web applications up and running. Instead of playing catch-up to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats working against them, these small and medium businesses can instead manage costs, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. GTS can enable your business to focus on IT Cyber-Security needs in these areas:
  • - Data Availability
  • - Business Continuity
  • - Streamlined Authentication
  • - Data Protection

Cloud Computing Services: with IBM & Stratus5

Small and midsize businesses (SMB) can find extremely beneficial value in Cloud Computing, whether it is in infrastructure solutions, or business solutions. Cloud computing is the delivery of services, software and processing capacity using private or public networks, where the focus is the user experience, and the underlying technology is invisible to the user, making cloud computing incredibly user-friendly. SMBs resolve challenges through Cloud Computing solutions from GTS in the following ways:

  • - Reduces upfront IT capital expenditure investments for users
  • - Increases number of business solutions available (e.g. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, solutions
  • - Enables dynamic, immediate upward and downward scalability of technology resources
  • - Accelerates time to implementation for business solutions
  • - Accelerates payback and improves Return on Investment (ROI)
  • - Reduces costs by allowing users to pay for only what they use
  • - Reduces risks in IT deployments, by transferring them to Cloud providers.
  • - Streamlines the IT procurement process
  • - Simplifies or transfers costs for IT maintenance, upgrade, and support costs from Cloud consumers to Cloud providers (covered in subscription fees)

Copy Data Virtualization: with Actifio

Small and midsize businesses (SMB) have distinct needs for data management. From email archives to transactional data backup, SMBs have a focus on simplicity and cost. They also have a greater need scalability to support dynamic capacity growth as their business grows, or as seasonal contraction occurs. Effective copy data virtualization from GTS:

  • - Reduces licensing and hardware costs you need today to support multiple, siloed data protection solutions
  • - Reduces the complexity of integrating and managing copy data
  • - Reduces bandwidth required to support the movement of data across your organization
  • - Reduces the cost of the storage footprint required to support copy data storage
  • - Increases the business value associated with “instant recovery

Business Resiliency & Recovery: with IBM

Small and midsize businesses (SMB) have very similar needs to large businesses in the area of resiliency and recovery (aka business continuity, and disaster recovery (DR)). But, they often have more limited resources, and less lead time in creating their plans for resiliency support. Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) and Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR) are examples of resiliency solutions that are addressing the needs of SMBs, by providing ready-made solutions at lower cost points through “recovery in the Cloud.” Benefits of VSR solutions from GTS help SMBs in the following ways:

  • - Ready to go managed services avoid the investment and time needed to build, operate and manage a complete resiliency solution
  • - Reduce disaster recovery times, improving responsiveness
  • - Reduce infrastructure outages
  • - Reduce total cost of ownership by leveraging managed data protection (versus an in-house solution)
  • - Manage regulations associated with business continuity
  • - Protect your brand image during times of disruption
  • - Effective risk management to achieve revenue
  • - Reduce costs through comprehensive business resilience strategy and planning
  • - Improve operational efficiency through better asset utilization