Building security into your business and IT processes and integrating it with your existing technology infrastructure has never been more critical.

GTS IT security services that can protect enterprises against threats while helping to reduce costs and complexity. Through our CyberXtra Defense and ecosystem of partners we can provide the Analysis, Recommendation, Protection, On-going Monitoring and Health Check options through a single annual payment.

The CyberXtra security services include proprietary network security and monitoring, end user device protection, network infection monitoring, infection and breach recovery services and employee cyber security training.

Cyber-Security Partners: IBM.

IBM Security Services delivers the skills, expertise and technology to help reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure.

Today’s businesses must manage more risks with fewer resources. You have to: Cut your operational expenses, Manage increasing risks, Maintain your compliance posture, Improve service, and Enable innovation. IBM Security Services can help you strategically manage risk end-to-end across practically all security domains and help you reduce your security operations costs.

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to understanding and meeting your ever-changing business requirements. Powered by IBM X-FORCE® research and development, IBM provides solutions to help take you from planning and design through implementation, testing, monitoring and management of multi-vendor environments.

IBM controls one of the largest and more diverse security information data warehouses in the world, allowing for greater visibility into worldwide threats and affected industries. Combination of near-real-time and historical analyses to help identify and mitigate threats and enhance security effectiveness using Industry best practices, time-tested strategies and advanced forensic tools.

IBM Security Highlights

  • Industry leading security research and development. The IBM X-FORCE research and development team is a leading group of security specialists who research security issues, track the evolution of threats and help deliver increased operational efficiencies by building integrated technologies that feature “baked-in” simplification. IBM X-FORCE uses its broad and holistic intelligence infrastructure to provide one of the most accurate views of the current and emerging threat landscape. The IBM security research and development teams study the latest threat trends including vulnerabilities, exploits and active attacks, viruses and other malware, spam, phishing, and malicious web content.
  • World-Class PCI Expertise IBM Security Services is globally certified to perform all payment card industry (PCI) services and can help wherever you are in the compliance lifecycle. Unlike many of its competitors, IBM can provide solutions for all 12 PCI requirements, offering efficiencies in interoperability, procurement, maintenance and management. IBM has been helping clients meet PCI requirements since 2004. IBM has experience with clients of various sizes, in a wide range of industries and from all over the world. IBM has a wide range of security product expertise, including: IBM Security Services, IBM Tivoli® Security and IBM Rational® AppScan®.
  • Innovation and Thought Leadership IBM engages in ongoing development of new security technologies and methods as a result of collaboration between IBM Research labs and IBM X-FORCE. Areas of development include: Biometrics, Cloud and virtualization security, Collaborative data sharing, Digital media technology, Encryption technology, Intrusion detection analysis, Privacy technology, and Wireless security.

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