Education and Training: an online suite of training topics built to increase employee awareness of cyber security threats and decrease the risk of security breaches

  • Training topics: Suite of nine modules
  • Per Topic: 12 -15 minutes time
  • Final Exam: 25 questions with a numeric score per user
  • At your own pace: Start & Stop
  • Modules: Infosec 101/Devices/Incident Reporting/Passowords/Social Engineering/Connectivity/Malicious Attacks/Insider Threat/Workplace Violence
  • 60% – Over half of small businesses are forced to close their doors within six months after a security breach
  • 90% – Up to 90% of breaches can be avoided with quarterly employee training on cyber security awareness


  •  An online phishing simulator that enables any organization to easily conduct phishing attacks
  •  Phishing email template library/50+
  •  Number of tests sent out/Unlimited
  •  4-Step workflow
  •  High Level Detailed Actions/Reporting
  • 78% – 3 in 4 people claim to know the risks of clicking unknown links in emails and yet still click on these links
  • 97% – The percent of consumers that cannot correctly identify phishing emails

Cloud Range

Cyber Range Simulation Training for SOC Analyst and incident response Training Simulation training exercises proactively prepare your SOC Analysts and Incident Response teams using our custom cyber range. Additionally, our world-class instructors can manage your entire simulation training program either remotely or in your own training facilities- no matter where your SOC team members are in the world.

Instructor-Led Virtual Cyber Range Simulation Training Simulation training exercises can be led by our world-class instructors in our customers’ own training facilities or via remote access no matter where your SOC team members are in the world.

Security Services

GTS offers a suite of security services via a set of subscription and consulting-based security solutions. These services are designed to solve our customer challenges covering a range of security threat vectors.

We can deliver comprehensive security solutions to solve complex security challenges. GTS along with our security partners can provide our customers with innovative and proven approaches to securing people and data.

These security solutions provide coverage for the core functions of security defined in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. This format allows GTS to implement one or bundle these services to ensure a comprehensive security coverage.

Security Assessments

Security experts can thoroughly scan and analyze your entire infrastructure in search of all vulnerabilities, security gaps, and potential risks that can lead to devastating attacks. Results from these assessments help determine the appropriate solution, vendors, and products required to develop the ideal risk management plan.