Multi-Vendor Technical Support Services for Hardware and Software​

IBM’s integrated hardware and software support services are designed to keep your multivendor systems running around-the-clock. IBM’s IT Support solutions are backed by trusted product expertise, a globally-enabled support infrastructure with thousands of highly trained support technicians. They are equipped with the artificial intelligence of Watson Agent Assist, using a problem resolution database developed from helping businesses spanning all industries transform for competitive advantage. Golden Technology Services and IBM strive to be your strategic technology partner and can help you change how you support your team.

IBM Cloud Open Source Support can simplify support for your OSS and help improve systems availability. The remotely delivered global offering provides a single source of support for some of the most commonly used OSS packages running in the cloud or on x86, IBM® Power® and IBM z Systems®. This support includes virtually unlimited assistance with everything ranging from diagnostic and installation questions to how-to and usage support.

In summary, IBM offers expert, single source support across your entire IT environment for virtually all of your IT equipment, as well as customized industry solutions for Banking, Retail, Healthcare and more. IBM’s integrated technology support model enables you to streamline your IT support spend, reducing operating costs by as much as 25% by infusing IBM people/processes/technology into your ecosystem.

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